We’re now in the third month of planning what’s for dinner here at Healthy Idea Place, and already I see so many benefits. Some are obvious, like eating healthier meals simply by the fact we’re eating out less. Others take a little longer to see, like financial benefits. But even now, after two months, I can tell that we’ve spent a little less on groceries and significantly less on dining out.

If you struggle with planning out what's for dinner, remember the benefits: Less waste, healthier diet, and lower costs. See what's for dinner this week at Healthy Ideas Place!

You might think that because we’re eating at home more that our grocery bill should be higher. But see, that’s what planning does. I have a menu, make a list, and then we go grocery shopping. Very seldom do I go to the store without a list in hand, though I have done that occasionally when it’s a store I love and I happen to be in the area. As a result, we have less waste because we have a plan, and we use the food that we bought. So, three cheers for menu planning!

This week you’ll find my Lemon & Herb Marinated Chicken and Spinach and Orzo Salad on the dinner menu. Both are delicious, healthy options, and easy to make. The only change I’m making is to bake the chicken rather than grill it. Now, I do love to grill, but it’s below zero here and I don’t relish the thought of standing out in the snow tending to my grill. If it’s nice where you are, go ahead and grill it. For me, I’ll make it in the oven this week. Enjoy!

Menu Planning Benefits: Less waste, a healthier diet, and it’s easier on the budget

Here’s what’s for dinner at Healthy Ideas Place this week:

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