Do you struggle to figure out what's for dinner? See what's on the dinner menu for week 2 at Healthy Ideas Place for inspiration for your own menu!

What’s for dinner this week? Looking at the calendar today and I’m noticing that this is starting to look like a busy week with three days of basketball games. Nevertheless, we have a menu for the week with a number of great recipes I want to try. Thursday’s Skillet Pork Chops with Apples and Onions looks delicious and uses only one pan! And Friday evening we’re having a family favorite, Lemon Pesto Sheet Pan Chicken, but with green beans instead of asparagus.

Meal planning tip: Be flexible! Most recipes allow for a variety of substitutions with little change in the quality – with baked goods being the pickiest about substitutions. With that in mind, I’m substituting green beans for asparagus this week in Friday’s dinner. It’s not the season for asparagus, which makes it more expensive and harder to find. So green beans it is. Remember, be willing to adjust your recipes when needed. It will make meal planning all that much easier.

Here’s what’s for dinner at Healthy Ideas Place this week:

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