Cranberry Bread – A Holiday Favorite

Thanksgiving is over, but I still have cranberries left in my refrigerator. So this week I decided to try a family favorite that one of my sisters always brings to family gatherings over the holidays. She found it years ago in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, cut it out, and has kept it ever since.

Cranberry Bread - A Holiday Favorite

This bread has a lot going for it. It’s full of nutritious ingredients like cranberries, whole wheat flour, orange juice, and walnuts; and calls for a moderate amount of butter with just a ¼ c. per loaf.  The red cranberries give it a festive look that entices people to try it; and it’s delicious with the sweet, yet tart, taste of cranberries paired with a background of citrus. You end up with a healthy bread that’s moist, high in flavor, and visually appealing.

Cranberry Bread - A Holiday Favorite

It’s a perfect bread to take as a hostess gift or potluck dinner to share with family and friends. If you can keep everyone away from it the flavor is even better the second day. I have the recipe posted today over on Not Quite Amish Living. So head on over there now; dig those cranberries out of your fridge, and make some cranberry bread! Enjoy it this Christmas season!


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